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The Story of Lil Sambo’s Restaurant

shapeimage_2Lil Sambos Restaurant has been a coastal landmark for over fifty years. In 1957 there were just a handful of restaurants in the area. Probably the most popular eating establishment in that day was Pixie-Kitchen owned by Jerry Parks. The only problem was Pixie-Kitchen didn’t serve breakfast. So in 1957 Ron Kriger (Jerry’s lead cook) opened a breakfast house. One mile south of Pixie-Kitchen in what is today  the Power Ford building. Ron originally named it “Pixie Pancakes”, and it was an immediate hit. In 1960 Ron expanded by relocating to our current location, and within a few years expanded the building and added a Put-Put golf course to the property as well.

One question we are often asked is weather or not we were ever a part of the “Sambo’s” national chain; the answer is no. Our name Lil Sambos (originally Lil Black Sambos) is borrowed from the hero of a fictional story about an Indian boy, tigers, and pancakes written by Helen Bannerman in 1899.

Over the years Ron made Lil Sambos a coastal landmark. A place where High school kids found their summer jobs and where locals and visitors came to enjoy great food in a family oriented environment. In 1995 the restaurant changed hands but the recipes and dedication to tradition remains.

In 2002 a fire destroyed the original well-worn structure. This building rests on the original footings.